If I switch with you, will I lose my business number?

No, your account manager will take care of the transfer ensuring you never have any down time. We will simply take over the line and become your new billing provider and account managers.

If I have a technical problem, what should I do?

If you have any technical problems we have you covered, just give us a call and your highly trained account manager will get to work on fixing your issue.

Is hosted telephony the same as VoIP and cloud telephony?

Yes, all 3 terms are often used to describe telephony that is internet based and resides in the cloud. The cloud simply is a way of describing how a VoIP / hosted company’s servers hold information and interact with one another. Businesses no longer need a PBX on site with the associate cost of maintenance and depreciation of hardware, this is all handled and maintained by your VoIP provider, in “the cloud”.

Will my bills be cheaper with hosted telephony?

Moving to hosted telephony or VoIP can greatly reduce your monthly bills, often by up to 30%. This is particularly true for long distance and international calls. However, it is not solely the cost savings that will benefit your business. Hosted has a huge range of features such as call routing and queuing, mobile twinning and statistics that will drive unbelievable efficiencies and flexibility into your business. It can also greatly improve your customer service.



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